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Module Name (click icon below) Module No. Description Date
CO303-331 An attempt to analyse Nano-Computing and its affect on computer and human behaviour. No one knows and why it must be analysed. Jan-May 06
CO304/1 Outline and critically evaluate the necessary steps for ISO 9000 compliance with regard to this organization and the nature of its business and software development environment, with particular reference to ISO 9000:2000 and to TickIT objectives, highlighting the possible impact upon the organisational culture.

Identify possible alternative approaches to quality in the context of this organisation and show how they complement or compete with the ISO 9000:2000 approaches.

Support your argument with reference to the appropriate literature using the Harvard referencing standard. Essays without adequate research and references will not receive high marks.

Apr 06
CO304/2 How could the Systems staff at Dialysis Medical have prevented the malfunctioning of the dialysis machine through the better use of product and process metrics, as well as better integrity assurance techniques such as testing, validation and verification? Critically evaluate the case and identify which metrics would have been best suited to the prevention of the malfunction. In addition, highlight any other issues which you feel should have been addressed.

Use appropriate literature and examples from other cases to support your argument.

May 06
CO317 A ludo game and group work. Dec 05

General observation of computers and how they affect the human race. Is the Information Age the Future we want?

(a) Analyse your own personal position on whether ICTs are progressive or ultimately destructive.

(b) What can you do to influence the final outcome. Will you actively shape or will you passively respond?

Mar 06

Using examples from the lecture and seminar topics: Is the Information Age the future we want? Surveillance. To be able to relate surveilance to power; Organisational learning and knowledge managemen. Critically evaluate how ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) can benefit or harm members of society in the 21st Century.

May 06

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