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Aida is not a place.

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Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

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Attempted translation:

Aida - Celeste Aida Celestial Aida Heavenly Aida, goddess of beauty,
garland of flowers and of bright light.
You are the ruler of all of my thoughts,
you are the splendor of my whole life.
I'll bring you back, yes, to your lovely skies
to the soft breezes of your native land.
I'll place a royal wreath upon your crown,
and build you a throne close to the sun.
Il Trovatore – Vedi le fosche notturne   Anvil Chorus - starting to know her.
La Forza del destino - Overture   Future without words.
La Forza del destino - Pace, pace, mio Dio   Literary currents....
La Traviata - Lunga da lei per me  

....and current feeling.

Lei per me.

Rigoletto - La donna e mobile   Beauty sublime.

Un ballo in maschera - Ma se m'e forza perderti

  Beauty forever.


Giuseppe Verdi plain. Giuseppe Verdi partially green.
Viva green chap.