Three scenes from Act IV of Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème (first shown in 1896)
A transcript of the recorded scene is below.


The opening scene of Act IV/Quadro IV:
  The garret as in Act One. Marcello and Rodolfo are pretending to work, but are actually gossiping.
The garret.
Marcello (continuing a conversation) In a brougham?
Rodolfo With a pair and livery.
She greeted me, laughing. "Well, Musetta!
And how's your heart?" I asked.
"It isn't beating, or I don't feel it!
thanks to the velvet that covers it."
Marcello I'm really glad to hear it!
Rodolfo (to himself) Go on with you, Jesuit!
You grin and bear it!
Marcello (he uses large brush strokes) Not beating? Good!
I too saw....
Rodolfo Musetta?
Marcello Mimì.
Rodolfo (with a jolt) You saw her?
  (regaining his composure)
  Oh, fancy that!
Marcello She was in a carriage,
dressed like a queen.
Rodolfo Hooray! I'm pleased about that!
Marcello (to himself) The liar, he's dying in love.
Rodolfo Let's work.
Marcello Let's work.
  (They return to work)
Rodolfo (throwing his pen down) Confounded pen.
Marcello (throwing his brush down) Confounded brush.
  (He furtively draws a silk ribbon from his pocket and kisses it)
You can listen to the two scenes that follow this one, by clicking: Mimì, tu più non torni.wma! Minuetto!.wma


Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)