From Private Eye No. 1515

7 February - 20 Feb 2020
And from Eye 1516:

I always read E.J. Thribb's Poetry Corner, which, with very few exceptions, says all that needs to be said about the "dear departed". Most are good, some are very good and a few are exceptional. That for Wing Commander Paul Farnes (Eye 1515) is the best yet. The main text is outstandingwhat I would have said myself if I had the intellect to do itbut the PS raises it to a sublime level. BrilliantI shed a tear every time I read it.

................DAVID M***ER,
Newton Abbot.

And only from myself in return, I'm afraid: Mr M***er,

I truly felt the same, and had the same reaction, while the main text did it for me, rather than the postscript. Being ex-Army myself I seldom give much praise to the youngest Service, but at the time it was more than deserved.