Commander Jim Speed, commando who cleared the beaches on D-Day – obituary
Under intense fire he ensured a steady flow of men, vehicles and supplies off
Sword Beach, and was awarded the DSC for his courage.
By Telegraph reporter
5 June 2020 • 12:43pm
Commander Jim Speed

Commander Jim Speed, who has died aged 96, was a beach commando who landed on Sword beach before H-Hour on June 6 1944, leading a two-man “underwater clearance marking party”.

Before dawn, the 19-year old newly-promoted Sub-Lieutenant Speed RNVR was one of the first men to set foot on red sector of Sword Beach. He was part of “Roger” Royal Navy Commando, the specially trained beach commandos whose task on D-Day was to hurry men, vehicles and supplies off the landing beaches – where otherwise they were subjected to enemy fire – and to prevent bottlenecks which might stem the flow of reinforcements….
Of course we see a lot of these at the moment, but thank you to those of
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