My first question is – does it work? And my second is can it work?



To the first I say – apparently not. Whilst I have lived and have had many friends in various parts of the world (and honestly I find them more interesting to talk to because of their differences in opinion, culture and education) you cannot put them in the same bracket as yourself. Or treat them the same way you can your fellow countrymen (and that differs according to region, regardless of nationality). Their differences can amount to friendship), to a lack of friendship, or worse, or can spur financial combat on the globalised market place – just look at control of the oil fields perhaps? Just look at a very left wing government’s (the British one of the last decade’s) redevelopment of the their previously mitigated atomic power stations to see this in action. Power, whether it be political or energy supply line oriented, corrupts. And power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely said (Lord) John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton (1834-1902) who married a Bavarian.

Most governments have lost their spirit in this age (not that most of them had any anyway, except under pretence) because their human control is financially motivated, not spiritually so. They simply pass money to their cohort (as little as they can) whilst padding their own homes and supposéd retirement benefits. The lap of luxury is theirs in power and outside of it: they have decided that is what they deserve. The globalised marketplace allows Western countries to create financial abomination of poorer people and countries, not to their countries need.

It was jolly interesting recently to see Russian teenagers on TV spouting abut how much better their country was under communism. They had never known it – but undoubtedly listened to their parents or grandparents telling them that their country ‘used’ to be great and strong. The Russian Empire was supposed to have died with the Tsar, but it did not. By getting rid of their aristocracy, the Soviet Union merely created a new class system – the Nomenklatura (the DDR had the Nomenklat as well; just spelt differently). The Nomenklatura, or New Class, were those high-ranking communists, and below them were the average Party members – a new Middle Class. The workers were still the workers. Communism is the ultimate hypocrisy.

We, in America, or Europe, cannot understand why their strength is growing, any more than we can understand the resurgence of China or Iran/Persia in prestige/power. So, I will sum up: the unanswered question of will or has globalisation worked well…. NO! It has not.

There is no such thing as the United Nations in the political spectrum.

Just more questions, but very few answers.