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United Kingdom Declares Its Independence
  by James Lewis
October 3, 2016

Bring out the red, white, and blue! Call out the band, and play the Star-Spangled Banner (originally an English drinking song).

The political world is in an unholy mess, but sometimes things happen that are genuinely good and progressive.
England has declared its independence.
The media slang for this is "Brexit," which stands for "British exit from the so-called European Union" (which is neither European nor a Union, but a big fat bureaucracy plunked on top of two dozen separate nations in Europe).
The EU is a Chicago-style political machine imposed on the free peoples of Europe, including taxation without representation; a completely meaningless voting process; and the massive importation of tribal peoples from the North West Territories of the Indian subcontinent, with no experience of modernity, plus a European Parliament that lacks any powers at all – it's there purely for show.
The European Union is neither European nor a Union – it's a big fat Franco-German control-freak bureaucracy with imperialistic pretensions, plunked on top of two dozen separate nations in Europe. Without even asking for permission.
The British website has been one of the few free voices of protest in Europe during this deadening period of bureaucratic imperialism. Its two main journalists, Richard North and Christopher Booker, have been the major voices for freedom, asking the simple question, "Hey, don't you think that 300 million Europeans deserve to vote on their political fate? Why don't the people never get a voice in this Soviet-style EU scam?"
It was agonizing to see struggling against the stifling bureaucracy, which included the mass media (just like in the U.S.). At some magical moment, maybe ten years ago, actually independent parties start to arise, not just in Britain, but in France and Germany, in Italy, Hungary, and all the rest. They were immediately smeared as Nazis, just like the left over here tries to smear Donald Trump as Hitler.
Well, you know who owns the media over there (the EU) and who has the biggest personal stake in the EU (the bureaucrats who run the EU).
Plus George Soros and the globalist billionaires, who all feel sentimental about their younger years, agitating for Stalin or Hitler.
(Or, in the case of Soros, cheering for both.)
So they turned a deaf ear to popular opinion, just as Barack Hussein Obama does, every time somebody says the word "JIHAD."
The EU media lied and lied and lied about the opposition. Independent political thinkers were all neo-Nazis, according to the BBC and its mendacious ilk.
The EUrocracy never stopped trying to expand its powers, just as the U.S. Founders said they would. Power-grabbers haven't changed since 1776, or since 1699, for that matter. Nor has the human thirst for freedom from tyranny. We humans are still the same all over the world.
The referendum movement in the U.K. slowly gathered steam, with many disappointments and setbacks. The Organs of Propaganda did everything in their power to demoralize and beat down that thirst for independence.
You know the story, but to see it in real life makes it all more convincing.
In my mind, a magic moment came from Queen Elizabeth II, who supposedly has no political powers whatsoever. But several weeks ago the queen allowed herself to be quoted in the press, asking her dinner guests the question.
"Can you name three reasons why Britain should stay in the European Union?"
We don't know what the dinner guests answered, but I'll bet it was mostly stunned silence. From Buckingham Palace the story spread, and I'll make a small bet that nobody else could figure out a convincing answer, either. Today the queen's question is spreading all over Europe.
We now know that the politically correct BBC was run by a massive child abuse ring, led by children's show host Jimmy Savile.
The U.K. media exposed Jimmy's crimes only after his death – which shows you what kind of power Jimmy and his backers had.
Child abuse is freely practiced and even celebrated in much of the Muslim world, and for jihadists in Saudi Arabia and Tehran, it was easy enough to blackmail European politicians and media types that way.
In the 1930s, the Soviets infiltrated Britain by building homosexual rings in universities like Cambridge.
Jihadists have learned from the Soviets. Britain today is still haunted by Muslim abuse rings. (Simply Google the topic.)
This is a time for the whole Anglosphere to celebrate, from Jamaica to New Zealand and the Hebrides.
Since almost all Americans are secret Anglophiles, let us be the first to congratulate the people of the United Kingdom on their newly won freedom of speech, of peaceable assembly, of the right to petition for redress of grievance, and all that other wonderful stuff in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.
Historians point out that the American Revolution against King George and his troops was born and nurtured a century before, in the Glorious Revolution of 1699. The fact is that Americans, Kiwis, Aussies, citizens of India, and all the rest are part of an invisible empire – enforced not by arms and blood, but by a common political bond of peaceful (but argumentative) self-governance.
Most Americans get bored easily by Europe (but the Eiffel tower looks nice). Europe is the birthplace of Western civilization – and contrary to the P.C. witch-hunters, Western civ has long been open to all the other traditions and civilizations in the world. There is a good reason why the people of Hong Kong want to keep their English-born political traditions and customs, and no, that is not a slam against the vast culture of China. It happens that English customs and laws work very nicely in practice (a point that B.H. Obama will never, ever get).
As an amateur historian, I would point out that English-style self-governance was never limited to England alone. All the merchant cities of Europe developed similar styles of city governance, which evolved into national governments as their power expanded. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, even Moscow developed mercantile classes, and it is in the nature of business people to favor anything that makes money.
Europe welcomed tea from India and morphine from Chinese opium. The Dutch copied world-class Chinese porcelain (which we still call china). German and English scholars translated the great scriptures of Buddhism and Hinduism into European languages, and yes, Muslim writings were translated into Latin a thousand years ago.
Western civ has long been the most open-minded of all great civilizations, because every great city has valuable goods and services to trade. The Dutch imported tulip bulbs from Turkey. The number zero came from India by way of Persia and the Muslim world. Native Americans gave us tomatoes and syphilis. We gave them horses and guns.
In spite of horror stories, trade still opens human minds. No empire has ever done more for the world. Every mercantile city in the history of the West has contribute to our common heritage, from Athens to Florence, New York, and San Francisco. What we call electoral democracy, or republicanism, came from trading cities, ancient and modern.
Tyrants steal. Merchants trade. The basic trouble with the EU is that it's full of control freaks with a yen for command and control, but no understanding of human wants and needs.
The Cambridge 'commies' have nothing on the perversly motivated socialists that inhabited the supposedly scholarly schools of the Thatcher era and stuck their fingers up at anything Reagan did.....
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