Attack by Irish terrorists 'a strong possibility' warns Theresa May
The threat level to Great Britain from Irish-related terrorism has gone from
moderate to substantial, meaning an attack is a ''strong possibility'',
the Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.
  Published: 4:09PM BST 24 Sep 2010
 The Director-General of the Security Service has raised the threat to
Great Britain from Irish-related terrorism from moderate
to substantial Photo: PA

It is the first time that this threat level has been published, the Home Office said. The threat from international terrorism remains severe.

Mrs May said: "The Director-General of the Security Service has informed me that he has raised the threat to Great Britain from Irish-related terrorism from moderate to substantial, meaning that an attack is a strong possibility.
"Judgments are based on a broad range of factors, including the intent and capabilities of terrorist groups.
"This is the first time we have published the Irish-related threat assessment to Great Britain. This is in the interests of transparency and to encourage people to remain vigilant.
"The first and most important duty of government is the protection and security of the British people.
"We have been consistent in stating that the threat to the UK from terrorism is real and serious. The balance we aim to strike is keeping people alert but not alarmed.
"I would urge the public to report any suspicious activity to the police and security services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activity."
The threat assessment was being published for the first time "to encourage people to be alert to the increased threat from Irish-related terrorism", the Home Office said.
But the threat is still lower than the overall threat level to the UK from international terrorism, published by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (Jtac), which remains at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.
"Measures taken to deal with the international terrorist threat will also counter the threat from Irish dissident republican terrorism," a Home Office spokeswoman said.
"In general the public should not expect any visible change in our security measures."
  So when are the IRA going to start bombing Brussels? Or will they succumb to the hypocrisy of bombing the rest of mainland Britain again?

Welcome to the EU superstate Ireland.... It has a disturbing number of Protestants in it....
‘ ’Tis nater, after all, and what do please God!’

From Joan Durbeyfield in Phase the Second, XII.
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