"A Liberal Christmas"....
....by Bungalow Will.
Twas' the week before Christmas, the welfare check cashed.
With money in hand, off to WalMart I dashed.
An ipod for Shameka, new Nikes for Tyrone,
The Escalade parked, in a spot all alone.
With pepper spray ready, I fought through the crowd.
The bargains I got, would make my baby momma proud!
When I went to check out,I just let out a yell.
Cuz in line right behind me was the First Gal, Michelle!
"Yo, girl!" I did cry," What are you doing here?"
"Well, Barry's got a summit, another one with beer."
"Spending taxpayer's money, that would make some folks drool.
Not my cash, but theirs, Old Michelle ain't no fool!"
As I ran to the car, to get home really fast.
I could tell them the story, that forever would last.
How I met the first Gal, at the WalMart that time,
A quick stop at the liquor store, to spend the last taxpayer dime.
Merry Zwanza, Ya'll!
Something I found online. Thanks Will. Amusing! But too true for jollity.