Ex-Separatist Says He Planned Moscow Attacks and Vows More
By Ellen Barry
Thursday, April 1, 2010
....MOSCOW – A former Chechen separatist who reinvented himself as a proponent of global jihad stepped out of the shadows on Wednesday to take responsibility for two suicide bombings on Moscow’s subway, and to offer himself as the face of an increasingly lethal pan-Caucasus insurgency.
....The separatist, Doku Umarov, last year revived a suicide battalion believed to be behind some of the most notorious attacks of the last decade, and then issued a warning in February that he was planning attacks in central Russia. In the recording released Wednesday, Mr. Umarov seemed to take pleasure in thrusting the bloody violence of the Caucasus upon the comfortable residents of the capital. “You Russians hear about the war on television and the radio,” Mr. Umarov said on the video, apparently made hours after the subway blasts. “I promise you the war will come to your streets, and you will feel it in your own lives and on your own skin.”
  I would hardly say that I can take the words of a terrorist in a positive way; but Umarov’s appreciation of the way in which the media feeds the public in its own rendition of what a war is is very accurate. You can’t appreciate a war unless you’ve been in theatre....
  I hope that Umarov meets his very displeased maker very soon.
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