The bodies of Russian soldiers are piling up in
Ukraine, as Kremlin conceals true toll of war

Lviv, Ukraine (CNN) - The first warm, sunny days of spring in the southern Mykolaiv region are ushering in a grim new reality: the smell of the dead.

As the frost melts and ground thaws, the bodies of Russian soldiers strewn across the landscape are becoming a problem.
A burned-out Russian combat vehicle, the letter Z emblazoned on
its door, east of Mykolaiv city on March 10.
In his nightly video address on Saturday, Vitaly Kim, the region's governor, called on local residents to help collect the corpses and put them in bags, as temperatures rise to above freezing. "We're not beasts, are we?" he implored residents, who have already lost so many of their own in this war.

Mykolaiv was among the first regional capitals to be attacked after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. After pushing into the urban center, Russian troops have been forced out by Ukraine's military, leaving a trail of blackened combat vehicles and tanks in their wake. But the battle for the city, a cornerstone in Russia's westward quest along the Black Sea coast to Odesa, is still raging and it's unclear how long Ukrainian forces will be able to fend off the assault.

  While I would typically avoid anything CNN writes on warfare, this article is well observed and factual.

The musical accompanyment is the soldiers in a truck outside of Trumpton., and was the sort of thing I used to play prior to my lectures in the Army or from the speakers of my Challenger I and II.

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