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Incy Wincy Spider
I'm a very butch-looking spider, actually!
John Brown's baby
The beginning of a few years of trouble....
Polly Wally Doodle
Jolly good!
Skye boat song
Escaping from haggis!
Simple Simon
Apparently Simon was quite simple.
D'ye ken John Peel
Coppers galore!
Waltzing Border / Matilda
Howzat, Border? :P
Frère Jacques
Okay! Rembrandt was Dutch, not French; but he did have a very nice beret!
Ride a cock horse
to Banbury Cross
Jolly nice lady on a jolly nice horse!
There's a hole in my bucket
Big hole actually.
Yankee Doodle
The North wind doth blow
The wind doth bloweth me....
Bobby Shafto
The unfortunately named one....
Happy Wanderer
Somewhere near the Jüngfrau (I think).
Daddy wouldn't buy me
a Bow Wow....
This Bow Wow is agging a branch....
Aiken Drum
Julian May's Aiken Drum is the one in the song! Really!




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