Dulcet decorumst scribo pro mea marita.






Some words I read by Gaius Catullus (c.84BC-c.54BC)....






Torqutatus volo parvulus
matris e gremio suae
porrigens teneras manus
dulce rideat ad patrem
semihiante labello.

sit suo similis patri
Manlio et facile omnibus
noscitetur ab insciis
et pudicitiam suae
matris indicet ore.

  To which I translate as best I can....
  Try to wish childhood
according to a lady’s own body
an extension of her delicate hand
charming contemplation by a father
a palmed basin.

Be his resemblance spouse
Manlio and willing in all things.
Recognise by unknown
Purity your
Mother and show expressions.

  Manlio is a real human name….
Florentine art reminisced.   Indeed it did.