A different sort of salute.... 
From The Gentleman’s Magazine, Volume CCXLI, July – December, 1877
A Zulu War-Dance
The warrior left us little time, however, for either reflections or deductions, for, striking his shield with his assegai, he rapidly poured forth his salutation: -
“Bayete, Bayete, O chief from the olden times, O lords and chief of chiefs! Pagadi, the son of Masingorano, the great chief, the leader of brave ones, the son of Ulubako, greets you. Pagadi is humble before you; he comes with warrior and with shield, but he comes to lay them at your feet. O father of chiefs, son of the great Queen over the water, is it permitted that Pagad’ approach you? Ou, I see it is, your face is pleasant; Bayete, Bayete!”
I was wondering where I had used the word bayete from the other day, though I've never read this periodical before.