From the 1978 film....
From the Story of Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog.... Dandelion.
When El-ahrairah spoke, he put his head on the ground between his front paws and whined for joy.
. ." 'The Queen is coming, Rowsby Woof,' said El-ahrairah from behind the nose, 'with her noble attendants, the fairies Postwiddle and Sniffbottom. And this is her wish. You know the crossroads in the village, do you not?'
. ." 'Yes, yes!' whined Rowsby Woof. 'Yes, yes! Oh, let me show how abject I can be, dear Fairy Wogdog. I will―'
. ." 'Very well,' said El-ahrairah. 'Now, O fortunate dog, go to the crossroads and await the Queen. She is coming on the wings of night. It is far that she must come, but wait patiently. Only wait. Do not fail her and great blessing will be yours.'
. ." 'Fail her? No, no!' cried Rowsby Woof. 'I will wait like a worm upon the road. Her beggar am I, Fairy Wogdog! Her mendicant, her idiot, her―'
. ." 'Quite right, most excellent,' said El-ahrairah. 'Only make haste.'
. ."As soon as Rowsby Woof had gone, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle went quickly through the laurels, round the end of the fence and along to the back door. El-ahrairah pulled the cloth out of the hole above the drain with his teeth and led the way into the kitchen.
. ."The kitchen was as warm as this bank and at one end was a great pile of vegetables ready for the hrududu in the morning―cabbages, brussel sprouts and parsnips. They were thawed out and the delicious smell was quite overpowering. El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle began at once to make amends for the past days of frozen grass and tree bark.
. ." 'Good, faithful fellow,' said El-ahrairah with his mouth full. 'How grateful he will be to the Queen for keeping him waiting. He will be able to show her the full extent of his loyalty, won't he? Have another parsnip, Rabscuttle.'
From Chapter 16 of Richard Adams' Watership Down, which was published in 1972.
The story was told by Dandelion, after their escape from Efrafa.
Sadly, Watership Down doesn't look like it does in the movie version. Although you can drive closer to it than you imagine.