Taken from Pseuds Corner Private Eye No. 1367
After all, it was precisely at this moment that the museum was beginning its transition from a site within the bourgeois public sphere where democratically formed subjects would encounter and reflect the collective conditions of the experience of the unconscious, to an institutional rallying point where all the forces of contestation and subversion, initially operative in the artistic practises of the avant-garde and the neo-avant-garde could now be condensed and controlled under the mythical auspices of universal democratic accessibility in the enforced practices of consumption.
BENJAMIN H.D. BUCKLOK, Essay in Richard Hamilton catalogue, Tate Modern
I'm sorry Private Eye, but I don't think this belongs in the typically pretentious submissions to 'Pseuds Corner'. The Tate's 'subversion' to 'consumptionism' is another matter! And should not to be compared with the 'artistic practices' that are mentioned. :C
It's possible that I just like Bucklok's wordage.