A timeless story of childhood
Written by Johanna Spyri

Where she wants to be....


In Frankfurt


While Clara rested after lunch, Heidi went out
to explore. She soon found a church with a high
tower and begged the caretaker to let her climb
to the top. But all she could see were chimneys
and roofs instead of her beloved mountains.

Seeing how sad Heidi looked, the caretaker gave
her some kittens.

"Take two now and I'll deliver the rest," he said.
Heidi was delighted and skipped home with
them in her pocket.

Next morning a big basket appeared for Heidi
at lesson-time. Clara wanted to know what was
inside, and she didn't have to wait long. The lid
was not fastened properly, and suddenly there
were kittens everywhere.

"Oh look! How pretty," exclaimed Clara, as
one climbed onto her knee. But some of them
tried to claw their way up Miss Rottenmeier's
skirt. She screamed and danced about the floor
in terror.






....Heidi was homesick.... That is why Richard Strauss's Alpine Synphony No. 4 is playing....


....you can also play Edvard Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King here (click):



Gerstner Heidi - white lillies.