The old order changeth, perhaps, but war is as inevitable as it ever was, and today's persecution of it should be aware of Lord Bardolph's words on that. Hasting's comment on exeunt from the rebel stronghold of Scene III were that: 'We are time's subjects, and time bids be gone.' I doubt that our current adversaries can or will accede to that wisdom. Too many people are used like the play's other Bardolph: 'Pardon, sir. I have heard the word. "Phrase" call you it? By this good day, I know not the phrase, but I will maintain the word with sword to be a soldier-like word, and a word of exceeding good command, by heaven. "Accommodated," that is, when a man is, as they say, accommodated; or when a man is, being, whereby 'a may be thought to be accommodated, which is an excellent thing.