Polls have been asking the public what they think of the Libyan 'Odyssey Dawn'....
....but it really boiled down to the American obsession
with using names from pop culture to promote
their military ventures.
  American British
First Gulf War Op. Desert Storm Op. Granby
Second Gulf War Op. Iraqi Freedom Op. Telic
2011's Air Assault on Libya Op. Odyssey Dawn Op. Ellamy
1999 Kosovo Op. Noble Anvil Op. Agricola
Falklands War   Op. Corporate
Admittedly, the Fox poll has some amusing options for naming Odyssey Dawn: The
name of a Steven Seagal flick, a cruise liner and the name of Gwyneth
Paltrow's next child, as well as a work by the original Homer.
The British names are purposefully obtuse (and chosen by computer).
Jeez! One day even history will be written by Holywood! ;P