Sitting and contemplating the words I must write for Uni, but thinking of you is more illustrative to both mind and heart:


"Like a good rabbit, I think of you at all times
  And I always think of you and Love."
Unknown (May 2005)


Molvania - a Land untouched by Modern Dentistry
Molvania Tourisik Blabbag


Molvanian Eating Out - As a rule, eating out in Molvania is quite cheap...
but in some larger cities you may be expected to pay extra for a waiter with a moustache.
Molva Urbanistiki


"Hullo Anna, I'm Marcus. Tasteful sofa d'you not think. "
Marcus P-W (around)



Anna and Marcus P-W


My last house (built c.1805 - Hah Boneparte!):


Blissful yawn (except when Guy's tractor trundles past):


The Bottom of the garden; I must have been digging or ignoring:


Monty the Ming and cows to "agg!" at:


"Yas, that Moses was here the week before last":




Picture Papers (Click):

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2003 Birthday


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