You can highlight and enlarge this one below (Court laughed her Marina and Hobbe's pants off)

(Sorry Marina/Hobbes - particularly for the spelling of your names, and of mentioning your pants):


Juli's dancing serenely for that Slovakian (or was it Azerbeijani?) pop-camera show. ;)


Hummm, Starbucks in Lake Geneva magazine readership extravaganza.Bien Café ma Cherie!


At Longleat with Teeth & Ears!

The Marquis of Bath is spaced in those woods. Mind you, so is Courtney.

The above comments are too weird for you to understand....


Beauty in acquiessence. And water.


Your mom's New Mexico sofa.


Snuggling the camera.


Oxford clubbing. You, myself, Andrew, French Charles and Thomas. 'Zut alors et Sacré Bleu Courtenaaay!'


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